Pain Management

We provide comprehensive chronic pain management care. Chronic pain is destructive and can potentially ruin any chance for an individual to achieve a normal quality of life. The treatment of chronic pain requires serious attention by a qualified expert specializing in pain management. Dr. Chen is a leading authority and expert in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain.

Chronic Pain
Chronic pain treatment is typically required when disabling, reoccurring or continuous pain can't be corrected or alleviated with standard surgical procedures or short-term interventional methods. After a thorough assessment, history and comprehensive consultation, in many cases we can build a program to help you regain a better quality of life.

Back Pain


Acute Migraine Management
Acute migraine management is to provide an intermediate treatment for those that have not responded to their regular migraine regimen at home. This treatment will hopefully help to avoid an ER visit. We offer combination of triptan injection, non-steroid anti-inflammatory injection and nerve block with local anesthetics. There is no narcotic injection such as Dilaudid, Demerol or morphine shots. Expect your stay in the office between 30 to 60 minutes. Then you can choose to go to Urgent care or ER if your relief is not enough. The success in breaking migraine cycle is roughly 50%. You should be able to drive yourself home after these treatments.
Team Approach to Pain Management
We provide a team approach to help you manage your pain. The overall chronic pain program is built to work with your general practitioner, other specialized physicians, physical therapists, and psychologists. If the patient requires ongoing pain medication, blind testing and spot checking is required and conducted to ensure that there no abuse of treatment.

Neck Pain

Quality of Life
Saddleback Pain Specialists provides a comprehensive approach to patient "quality of life" care with individualized treatment programs for those chronic pain sufferers who require ongoing pain management. Together, we will focus on rebuilding each and every day for you. Our treatment approach is designed to allow you to experience an improvement in sleep, work, relationships, family, and other aspects of a quality life lost due to the destructive relentless suffering of intense, constant, or continuous pain.